A Perfect Day  in Purisima

(Guest written by Jeanette Maxey, niece of Tonyia and Stephen)

Today is Wednesday, December 28th, and it has been a truly blessed day.  The day dawned slightly cold but quickly warmed up to a perfect 70 degrees. This made for a beautiful two hour drive into the mountains to the village of Purisima. 

Our group consisted of representatives from True Path Ministry, Iglesia Getsemani, Medina Community Church, and first time visitors Will and Debbie Loveless.  Once we arrived we were greeted by the new pastor, Rebecca, her family, and a local donkey. After about 30 minutes of set up, families that had all walked to the service began arriving.  

The service began with Pastor Rebecca reading Psalm 111, special music, and Pastor LuLu leading praise songs.  Evangelist Ramiro gave the sermon, while the Children’s Teacher, Ana, led the kids in a lesson on the birth of Christ.  I can always tell that the kids really feel special that they get their own church service!  They also did a craft that was the baby Jesus wrapped in his swaddling along with the Bible verse, Luke 2:7.

After all the church services were done, we handed out the Christmas gifts (backpacks filled with school supplies and a toy) to each girl and boy in attendance.The kids also received a bag of candy.  All of them were beyond excited about their gifts!

We also had a donation of several hand-made quilts that were distributed to each mother who attended the services.  The women really enjoyed these and were overjoyed to receive them.

Tomorrow, several people in our group will take donated chairs to a village outside of Galeana. So until tomorrow, I want to thank all of the churches, friends, families, and bible study groups that helped to make this and all our other trips possible.  Dios te bendiga…God Bless You.