A Divine Appointment

As we were about to leave we began to pray. With hands raised, six of us joined together and began to lift up Benedita in Jesus’ name. The room filled with the sweet sound of verbal prayers in two languages. The Holy Spirit was there. Even though we had just met, there was a unity we all felt. It was evident that the Lord had brought us together to share this moment.

Maria showed Martin and Stephen her wound.

Benedita showed Martin and Stephen her wound.

It all started after Martin and I delivered meals to Benedita on Tuesday (August 9th) and she showed us a spot on her leg from a fall she took a few days earlier. After seeing a photo of it nurse Tonyia wanted to treat it. She, Martin and I returned so she could perform wound care.

After kid’s club on Wednesday night (8/10) Tonyia, Stephen and Martin went to see if Benedita’s wound was better and a neighbor told us she had left with a friend. We returned later that same night and this time she was home. Soon after we arrived, three other ladies showed up to visit Benedita.

One of the ladies, Elvira was a Christian missionary who lived near Mexico City. She had not been to Galeana for a long time. She had been in Monterrey and made a last minute decision to take a detour to see her sister who lives in Galeana. Her sister, also a Christian, took her to check on Benedita who is her neighbor and there we were.

Benedita lives in a tiny one room adobe shack. Benedita was confused as to whom she was to pray. Between Martin and Elvira, our new Christian missionary friend, that confusion was soon laid to rest. They informed her there is only one God and it is to Him we pray.

And He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” Mark 5:34

The visiting missionary (left) and her sister came to visit Maria at the same time we arrived..

The visiting missionary (left) and her sister came to visit Benedita at the same time we arrived..