A Change of Perspective

Note: Guest written by first time visitor Phillip Langer from Ennis, Texas. He was part of a Christian team from True Path Ministry and Iglesia Getsemani visiting Canoas on April 14th, a tiny mountain village.

In 1974 Mac Davis had a top 10 hit titled “Stop and Smell the Roses.” Last year I walked away from my job to do just that. I had no idea the roses would be in the small village of Canoas, NL, Mexico.

To be truthful there was not much there, and it was a step back in time. It is difficult to describe comparing to what I am blessed with. Their houses had dirt floors, food cooked on an open fire handmade stove, donkeys and horses used as transportation. For them it is a daily struggle to find how the next meal was going to make it to the table. Water has to be carried for miles because of where the closest water source is and severe drought has parched the land bare.  No comforts of any kind that could be identified. It seemed to be a miserable place to exist.

But we were welcomed with open arms and a feast of food that was fit for someone of honor. My neighbors do not have time to say hello back home. The view of the mountains was nothing short of beautiful. Back home that view is available if it can be afforded.

We had an opportunity to pray for a woman with cancer who looked to not have many days left and the sadness of her condition filled the room. It’s probably the first time a group of strangers prayed for her and presented hope in Jesus Christ.

Back home laying on of hands and prayer for healing has little emphasis and is taken for granted. As clothes were presented and gifts to the children, the joy on their faces cannot be described in words that I am able to convey.

Life will be different for me in the future. This trip helped me put things in perspective and gives me a better understanding of Gods love for us even when we do not deserve it. I am so thankful to True Path Ministry for the opportunity to be involved and be a blessing to others. I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

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