7 Positives Christians Bring the World

It seems that we have entered a time when Christians in the USA are under attack. Many in America have forgotten where the countless positive aspects of our national character originated. Here is a reminder of seven.

  1. Jesus is the perfect example of how to live life with meaning and purpose. Even his greatest enemies admit Jesus lived an admirable life that changed history. His life story has a message for everyone.
  2. Love of God and love of people are a cornerstone for true Christian followers. Loving God removes attention from simply satisfying ourselves. It takes us to a higher calling. Loving people unconditionally is what that higher power propels us to do. (Jesus explains this in Matthew 22:34-40)
  3. A miraculous certain hope that is beyond human ability is in the spirit of a Christian. When believers find themselves in a situation that is sure to lead to death we can have peace knowing that we are in the capable hands of our creator, and He will take care of us. (See as an example Psalm 33:18-22)
  4. Education is a key ingredient of a Christian’s life. The Bible teaches us to be renewed in our mind. Christians’ contribution to education for everyone are everywhere to see. (Romans 12: 2)
  5. A common social order beyond borders is a natural by-product from following “the way” (that is what Christians were first called). The Bible calls us to live in peace and go through life with honesty and integrity in all our activities. Christians know how to interact regardless of country of origin or ethnic background. (1 Corinthians 12:12)
  6. The Bible gives us an objective moral standard that is beyond any current law. The word is a long proven effective code for human interaction. It is an unchangeable standard outside human influence. (Luke 16:17)
  7. Unselfish giving to causes that benefit humanity are basic with Christians. We are called to give a portion of our money, time and talent to causes without expecting anything material in return. (Matthew 6:1-4)

Do you want to become a Christian?