TPM Serving Christ in Mexico During Pandemic

True Path Ministry Inc. continues the mission to serve Jesus in the Galeana, NL, Mexico area. Our faithful friends and co-workers for Christ, Pastor Reynaldo and Lulu, keep TPM going when we are away. As of mid-March missionaries Stephen and Tonyia Williams are trapped by shelter-in-place orders near Ennis, Texas.

Mexico, like the USA, is closed to usual activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic. All Mexican government defined “not essential” actions are suspended until at least April 30th. The order includes in-person Church services, our weekly kids club and schools.  We understand that officials are stopping all traffic near the town and no outsiders are allowed to pass. It is a kind of shelter in place for the entire community.

The normally bustling downtown area is void of people. The food stores are open with the number of people allowed inside restricted. This leads to lines outside the store. Most people do not have the money or storage for food supplies beyond a day or two.

As of April 14th there were 5,014 Covid-19 cases in Mexico and they have experienced 332 deaths nation-wide. In Nuevo Leon (Galeana’s state) there were 5 deaths and 1552 “suspected” cases (see Mexico Covid-19 Mapa). Mexico News Daily, an English language news source, recently reported that Mexico is under prepared if the virus becomes widespread. On April 8, Mexico News Daily reported “Mexico has a shortage of 200,000 doctors and 300,000 nurses,” according to Health Minister Jorge Alcocer.

But the light of Christ shines through Christians. Pastor Rey and Lulu stay in touch with all members of their church. “And we are in regular contact with Pastor Reynaldo and Lulu,” said Steve. We continue to work with Pastor Rey to provide financial or other resources, to families in need, especially during this difficult time.

We are excited to report that we recently had 2 windows and a door for the downstairs area of the new Church built and they will be installed soon.  Work also includes leveling the floor and stuccoing the walls.

In addition, we had a rack built and installed on top of the van. In normal times, TPM takes supplies to remote villages and this rack will add greatly to our capacity to carry items. We believe and will move forward with this part of our ministry in the near future.

We realize we are experiencing events like we never have before. But, we know God is still on His throne and in Total control!

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

 If you are a prayer warrior, please pray for TPM and Mexico.  If you are a financial supporter of TPM, thank you! We appreciate and THANK YOU for your prayers and your financial support!!

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Filling a Need: Making Masks for Nurses

True Path Ministry Inc. missionaries Stephen and Tonyia Williams are back in the USA during the health crisis. Tonyia works for a home health agency in the Dallas, Texas area and their nurses cannot find protective face masks. TPM made some calls to Christian friends in the Ennis area and found several people willing to make the masks from a special design available online.

It is a cleaver design that includes a special area to insert a replaceable filter, plus, it has a pipe cleaner wire included so that it can be fitted tightly around the nose area. It is a blessing that God’s people are stepping up to fill this shortage to help our nurses keep themselves safe during this worldwide pandemic. God bless those who are helping. Please pray for our health care providers because God is our ultimate protection from evil.