TPM Spring 2019 Newsletter

Working for Jesus! Download the Spring 2019 Newsletter from our website.
The newsletter is in a PDF format suitable for printing. True Path Ministry Inc. continued in its mission during the spring of 2019. Construction at the Iglesia Getsemani church building has progressed significantly and the congregation now meets there. The Marcos 10:14 kids club is doing well. Plus, we made several trips to remote farm villages. We have been blessed—thank you for your prayers and financial support. Please share a printed copy of the newsletter with folks who do not get online. A link to the newsletter is below:

True Path Ministry Inc. Spring 2019 Newsletter

Worship in Palmito

A small group of Christians from Getsemani Church in Galeana, NL, Mexico traveled with True Path Ministry in their van to Palmito. It is a small farm community in the mountains about an hour’s drive away. Pastor Ruben, who is 87 years old, has asked for help to revive the Christian Church. There is a small but faithful group who come to services whenever Pastor Ruben is town.

Some time back we left Missionary Bibles and in another visit noticed that several were worn out. True Path Ministry replaced the paperback Bibles with a more durable bound version (see New Bibles in Palmito and The Word in Palmito).

Arlen (Stephen’s brother) was on hand to give out candy to the kids who were at the service. They were all smiles.

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New Restroom Door and Plumbing Improvements

There have been several recent improvements at the new church building site for Getsemani Church in Galeana, NL, Mexico. There is now a wooden restroom door, improved plumbing, new restroom lighting and fresh concrete steps in place.

Stephen and Arlen (Stephen’s brother) installed a door frame and hung a wooden door on the entry to the restroom. They improved the plumbing with a PVC water line, main water valve, water facets and valves at the two toilet locations. The brothers also wired in an LED fixture and two compact fluorescent lights in the restroom.

A very good concrete workman and a volunteer from the church formed up and poured steps by the main entry door way. (An interesting side note: in Mexico the wood forms for the concrete are rented). The church also has a new piece of property that will provide ample parking once the area is cleared of brush, rocks and cactus.

Please keep this church project for the Lord in your prayers as there is still much to do before construction will be complete.

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There was only a cloth curtain over the restroom entry before we installed the new door.

Van, 70 Kids and Mother’s Day

(There are many photos below on the webpage) The new to us 15 passenger, 1999 Ford Econoline van was recently donated to the ministry. It was truly a God send. True Path Ministry had about 70 kids come to the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meeting on May 9th and most were transported in the van. The study focused on mothers because the next day, May 10th, was Mother’s Day in Mexico.

“I was not able to be at the club meetings for several weeks and it was so beautiful to hear all the kid’s raise up the Lord in song. Many also stepped up to the microphone to recite a memory verse they had learned at prior meetings. Plus, most of the 70 or so children were engaged in the lesson,” said Stephen. “It was a Christ centered meeting.”

Tonyia, who works behind the scenes to prepare the lessons and art projects, had anticipated Mother’s Day. Each child got a small artist canvas to make something for their mothers. Teacher Ana gave them several Bible verses to use such as Proverbs 31:30. Several adults helped manage the art project.

Lulu (Pastor Reynaldo’s wife) and several other ladies who came to help, prepared tostadas to feed the 70 kids plus the 15 or so adults. We also gave each child a small bag of candy.

It is a great blessing to see the many children come to club and respond to the gospel. We are not aware of any other Christian ministry here that consistently delivers the gospel to children like the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club. There are many who work behind the scenes, plus, those who pray for us and support the ministry financially. Thank you for your support!

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