Gospel on the Move to San Ildefonso

(Many photos are included) A Christian group from Galeana, NL, Mexico loaded into the True Path Ministry Suburban and the Williams’ Ford Edge and headed north at 8 AM on July 28th 2018. Traveling the way required over an hour drive on an often steep gravel mountain road. It was our first trip to San Ildefonso and the Pastor was happy to see us. So were the forty kids who enjoyed the Bible lesson and gifts. Pastor Rey gave an uplifting message and Lulu lead the music. We took seven big bags of clothes, glasses, soap and shampoo. Most of the good people from the village found something they needed.

Later in the day after returning to Galeana we drove south to the Lopez’s two day Christian Fiesta. We wanted to hear our good friend Evangelist Ramiro give his impassioned sermon to the many people gathered. There were also several bands of different kinds praising Christ. It was a long, intense day, but very fulfilling. Praise God!

Pastor Rey preached an uplifting sermon (click on a photo to see it larger).

Pastor Adan and his wife were happy to see us.

The Galeana kids sang during the service.

A typical home in the village

Tonyia in front of the Pastor’s home.

There was a special lesson for the kids

Tonyia gave prizes to kids who knew their memory verse

Craft time was fun too.

Every child got a gift

There were lots of clothes for men, women and children. And a special bag to put it in.

Lulu lead the music.

Glasses, soap and shampoo were all a hit

They fed us a great meal

Pastor’s house: Each of the doors goes to a bedroom for their four kids.








Count Your Blessings

The Marcos 10:14 kids club on July 26th, 2018 was about the story of Hezekiah praying to the Lord and being healed. 2 Chronicles 29:1-3Isaiah 38:1-7  The children learned from the Bible story that God blesses those who are faithful to Him. He has showered us with so much good. We all need to learn to count our blessings every day. It was a excellent club meeting.

We at True Path Ministry count each one of you as a blessing! We want to thank you for your faithfulness and we PRAY that the Lord will bless you tenfold for your prayers and financial support: Damascus Road Fellowship in Ennis, Texas; Christ Chapel in Bandera, Texas; Hiway Tabernacle in Buffalo, Texas; Grace Tabernacle in Ennis, Texas; Lighthouse Assembly of God in Sweetwater, Texas and many individuals.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU – without you TPM would not be able to serve in the capacity we do!

Thanks to a generous donation we now hold kids club under a tent (click on a photo to see it larger).

This brother and sister pair sang with enthusiasm.

Song time is a fun time for all.

The kids split into two teams to learn their memory verse.


Several of the children recited their verse perfectly.

The art project was a picture frame for them to decorate and had each child’s photo

Tonyia helped each one trace their hand for a future project.

The food this week was burritos and juice.





God is the one and only true God

“As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.” Romans 14:11 was the memory verse for the thirty children who came to the Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club meeting on July 19th. The kids from the Galeana, NL, Mexico area learned how God worked through the great Prophet Elijah to defeat the false prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18:17-39). God is the one and only true God and nothing is impossible for Him.

It was a Christ-centered, fun and educational time for the children. They especially enjoyed the “jump over the flames game.” Songs, prayer time and Nachos rounded out the almost two hour meeting. Many of these children have been coming each week to club for two years and have demonstrated growth in their knowledge and application of their faith to everyday life. God is sooo good!

Several of the kids won a prize for accurately reciting their memory verse (click on a photo to see it larger).

The fire God used through the Prophet Elijah was the lesson

Each week the kids sing (and clap along) to formula Christian songs

One game required the kids to recall past lessons

I recall from my childhood that this games was called “London Bridge is falling down”

The jump “over the fire” game was popular for the older kids (maybe future track stars)

The art project recreated the fire God used in the story

Adult helpers had to adjust the flames after some jumps.

We fed them Nachos this week

Kids of all ages come to enjoy club each week.





Jesus Saves!

It helps me (Stephen) to take time remembering what Jesus did for me and for mankind. It inspired me this morning to draw, with simple colored pencils, His journey to earth. Check it out when you have a minutes.

(click on image to see it larger)

2nd Aniversario Club Fiesta

The Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Cub in Galeana, NL, Mexico celebrated its second anniversary with a big fiesta. Over fifty kids came and enjoyed face  painting, games, a short lesson, pizza, cupcakes, a gift and more. The highlight of events was when thirteen children came forward to say, for the fist time, they want to follow Jesus. Each one received a Bible. Evangelist Ramiro lifted them up in a special prayer. It was a fun and moving club… all praise for Jesus!

Many of the kids have been coming each week for the last two years (click on a photo to see it larger)

Thirteen kids came forward to commit their lives to Christ.

We gave Bibles to the kids who came forward for Jesus

A group of school teachers brought some fun games that involved everyone.

Face painting was popular

There was even a bounce-house.

Texas visitors Lori and Jeanette sit with Tonyia during the game time.

Jeanette and Lori were here from Texas and helped with the face painting.

A group of local school teachers helped entertain the kids.

Steve and Tonyia recognized the weekly adult helpers and gave them a gift

Stephen was all smiles as the kids sang happy birthday to him. He also got a hug from them.

Tonyia handed a gift to each child.