Updates: Club, New Church, and Palmito, Mexico

Ministry continues in Mexico. We have had some difficult weeks trying to have club due to the rain. Not complaining, it is always nice to get rain. It’s just that kids club is outside. We have occasionally held club inside the ministry house but it is not quite large enough to hold 30-40 kids plus adults. Please be in prayer as we may look at purchasing a large event tent.

We did have the opportunity of celebrating day of the child. We served hot dogs, had 2 pinatas and gave the kids each a gift bag. It is so fun to celebrate this special day with the kids!

Marcos 10:14 kid’s club continues to teach the kids about Jesus and what it means to be a Christian like giving to others, tithing and the Bible. One of the art projects was a book with the Bible books listed in the front. The pages inside the book were empty so the kids could take notes, draw pictures or write prayers.

Many from Iglesia Getsemani continue to go to Palmito to have a church service. It is our desire to one day have a church service there weekly.

The new church foundation is almost complete. It is a long hard laborious process. As you see in the pictures the foundation is all done by hand. A benefit that they had was the concrete machine. Normally the men mix the concrete on the ground.

It is so exciting to see the church coming together.  We still have a ways to go but God is in control and will make a way with the finances and people to keep HIS church moving forward.

Thank you all for your continued prayers! GLORIA A DIOS!!

Fun at kids club included two pinatas (click on a photo to see it larger)

The hard work of getting concrete mixed and poured is almost complete at the new church building for Iglesia Getsemani.

Several church members were on hand for the task.

About every two week we hold services in the mountains at the Palmito church.