Prayers Answered: Mother and Daughter Healed

Ok, I (Tonyia) gotta tell my story, well truly it’s Jesus’ story! Over a month ago I had the opportunity to pray for a sister, in her home, to be healed from a stomach issue. I prayed with her and we proclaimed her healing in Jesus name.

Last week she brought her daughter to our house and asked for prayer. They thought she might have cancer. The daughter had a dream that darkness was coming over her and she was going to die. I prayed for her and proclaimed healing in Jesus name.

That night I was laying in bed and the Lord told me the dream the daughter saw was not her dying but the disease coming out of her body. She is healed. I told our interpreter the next day and he called to tell her.

Last night (April 29) Steve and I went to a revival and the mother and daughter were there also. As we were eating I went to say hi and they couldn’t wait to tell me thru Martin, our translator, that they were both healed. The mom said she was immediately healed. The daughter got her test results today and everything was normal.

All glory goes to God! Our healer, our protector. The lover of our souls!! He is so worthy to be praised!! Thank you Jesus!

Doors are opening even though Satan is attacking we will keep moving forward with Jesus! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has ahead! Let’s Go Jesus!!!

Christian Songs on the Town Square

Saturday 4/23/16

I can never thank Jesus enough for the outpouring of His love and blessings! Can I just say WOW!!

Steve and I worked on the ministry house then we headed downtown Galeana to buy groceries. We had to park about a block away and as we were walking across the town square toward the grocery store, we noticed some young people playing guitars and singing. We could not tell if the music was Christian or not. We decided we would hopefully be able to listen when we came out from the store.

We went inside the store and began shopping when I heard a man singing a Spanish Christian song (How great thou art). I spoke to the man and told him Muy bien (very good) and asked if he was a Christian. He responded yes, that he was a pastor on a ranch near Galeana. His wife was also with him. About that time Steve walked up and I told him this man, Juan Espinosa is a pastor. We took down his phone number and the best we could told him Martin, our interpreter, would be calling him to see when we might visit him. He agreed and we went about our shopping. No coincidence there! God moving!!

We finished our shopping and headed back to the car. The musicians had moved under the gazebo in the town square. As we were walking by a female said “y’all can come over and listen.” Yes In English! I was amazed. I said to her “you speak English.” She said “yes.” They are from a Bilingual Christian school in Montemorales. A town between here and Reynosa that we travel around when we go to Texas.

There were 40-50 college age young men and women. They sang 2 songs in English while I Signed. They interviewed us on camera about our ministry. They prayed for us and we blessed them. SO AWESOME to see young people on fire for the Lord. This all went on in the town square – amazing! THANK you Jesus for this encounter and your freedom to share your light in a public place! We hated that we did not think to take pictures. We left on such a HOLY SPIRIT high!!

Rayones Worship Under Pecan Trees

Sunday 4/24/16

We left the house around 8AM headed to Rayones. A village to the northeast of Galeana. We have never been there and we were not sure how the roads would be. We had met Pastor Armando and his wife Rosa at the event the previous Saturday in Galeana. She invited us out for worship and a meal.

The road to Raynoses was challenging

The road to Raynoses was challenging

Rosa told us the roads were rough so we wanted to give ourselves enough time to make the 10:00 service. Well we had to stop a few times on the way and enjoy God’s beauty. There is a natural bridge over a creek several miles outside Galeana on the way to Rayones. It is called the bridge of God. BEAUTIFUL. A creek runs under an upside down “U” formed rock formation which is the bridges support. There were stairs down to an overlook and actually stairs that took you closer to the water but we did not have time to walk all the way down. Another day.

We left and continued our journey. It was about 22 miles one way but it took us one hour and 45 mins. (2 hours including the stop). Sister Rosa was right about the road, it was bad. There were times we were not sure if our vehicle would make it, we even had to back down one hill and try it again. We really needed a 4 wheel drive. But God helped us through.

raynosesmt3We arrived and had a beautiful service at their home under the pecan trees. The town is covered by an orchard of pecan trees. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Steve preached as Martin interpreted and at the end of the service I signed. We had a gentlemen give his heart to Jesus. We also prayed for many, believing in their healing!!

Besides having service at their home, the Pastor also preaches in a tiny village about 10 minutes away called Goche. We drove over there so we could see the facility.

The it is an old adobe building with an unstable and leaky roof. Also there is no electricity to have night

Stephen preached and Martin interpreted.

Stephen preached and Martin interpreted.

services. The electric bill has not paid by the previous owner so it was cut off.

Their prayer is to have a church built on their land by their home. We told them we would also being praying, seeking the Lord to open those doors. They estimate it would cost around $3,000 US to complete the building and they already own the land.

Our God is so faithful!! He moved in mighty ways today! Thank you Jesus for allowing us the opportunity to show your love!!!!



Many were moved by Tonyia's signing to a Spanish Hymn.

Many were moved as Tonyia signed to a Spanish Hymn.


Pastor Armando wife Rosa live nearby.

Pastor Armando wife Rosa live nearby.



Sister Rosa loves plants, especially flowers.

Sister Rosa loves plants, especially flowers.

raynosesarmando raynosesbush raynosesmember1

Sunday Services in La Laguna and San Roberto

lalagunachurch3Today (Sunday 4/17/16) we went to two services where Guadalupe preached both times. The first service was at 11:00 in La Laguna, a small town northwest of Galeana and the second service was at 2:00 in San Roberto.

La Laguna has a small church next to Pastor Lucas’ home. The church was full. Steve talked about our mission here and about the ministry house. Martin was interpreting. Guadalupe preached a powerful sermon and after his message, many came to the front for prayer.

We had to leave soon after so we could make our next service in San Roberto, which is one hour southwest of Galeana. San Roberto is another small town but the worship, preaching, and praying was so full of the Spirit. The dancers that performed on Saturday also performed during the worship. It is such a blessing to see the different ways we can worship Jesus!

After Guadalupe preached many came forward for prayer. What a movement in the Holy Spirit!! We then went to Pastor Juan’s restaurant where he and his family fed us. We had a great time of fellowship!

We are so excited and joyful to see hearts on fire for Jesus! It is a huge blessing to see His people using their gifts — whether it be preaching, evangelizing, praying, serving, playing in the band, singing or dancing it’s ALL beautiful worship to glorify Him! THANK YOU JESUS! GLORY A DIOS!


Activate y Resplandece (Shine) Galeana

Saturday 4/16/16


People of all ages came.

And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive. Matthew 21:22; If you ask, pray, believe,  – YOU will receive! Matthew 21:22

Steve and I are just like you…common people. But the Lord is using us in mighty ways! WHAT AN HONOR!

The last several days have been very busy but AMAZING! Last Saturday, Galeana had a large event downtown in the auditorium. An Evangelist from Monterrey came to preach. There were several pastors from different areas that came. Many brought several people from their church.

One group that really impressed Steve and I were Christian dancers from the tiny village of San Roberto. We learned on Sunday where this group was from. They were so professional with their dance we thought they were from a big church in Monterrey.


The clown taught about Jesus with some games.

They performed with tambourines that had ribbons streaming from them or with silk material. It was such a beautiful way to worship the King!

The event began around 10AM and ended around 9:30PM. There was a time for the children. A clown from Saltillo came and told the kids about Jesus while they played games.

There was a time for youth. The youth band from Monterrey played worship music as the dancers from San Roberto danced. Another young man from Monterrey then preached the word.

Early afternoon the women broke off in a small group, about 30 of us. A lady from Monterrey taught. Before she began speaking, Steve and I were brought forward and introduced. We were able to share what the Lord has put on our hearts for the people in this area and about the ministry house. Once she finished we went back into the auditorium and the music was performed by the Lopez family. The Lopez family are well known in this area for their worship music.



Many were on their feet praising during service.

After a powerful time of praise and worship, the evangelist spoke the word. It was a great message. Martin was gracious

and interpreted. What a blessing he is to us!

After the sermon the front of the room filled with people seeking prayer and many received a special blessing from the Holy Spirit. It was an intense time as the Lord moved hearts closer to Him.

It was such an Awesome day with Jesus!! Steve and I met several pastors from the surrounding area and we are excited to get to know them better.



Bible teachings were part of everything

After the event, we were cleaning up and Martin said the associate pastor, Guadalupe, from Monterrey needed a place to stay. Of course we invited him to our home. He stayed thru Tuesday. Google translate came in handy! He is such a wise Christian man, it was wonderful to have him and hear his counsel. Always thankful for the ones Jesus brings into our lives!


A young man from a church in Monterrey preached to the youth


There were times for good fellowship.


The renowned Lopez band played during adult worship.


Special dancers from the small village of San Reberto were very good.


The women had a special breakout session during the day.


The sponsoring churches fed everyone.


Bags on donated clothing was given to those who needed them free of charge.