Cooking in Canoas

The pastor’s family always feed us when we visit Canoas. And on our visit to deliver Christmas gifts on December 30th they once again welcomed us to their table. We especially enjoy the corn tortillas they serve us. “My wife got up at 5 AM to hand grind the corn we raised for the dough,” responded the pastor when asked how they made such quality flat bread. She cooks over a wood stove, we have found is common among people living in the mountains of Mexico.

However, her cooking surface has a deluxe feature, wood storage is directly under the fire box. It is also common the way they house their kitchen-dining area in a separate building. It provides a welcomed warm refuge from the cold days in the high-altitude region. Their corn is raised locally in thin, rocky soil tilled by donkeys. Water comes from a spring-fed creek nearby. The table and chairs are hand-made from timber cut in the area.

They live a simple life off the land, fueled by faith that God will provide. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

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