A short trip to the mountain village of Membres, a New Year’s eve meal and a special church service in Galeana made the last day of 2015 a joy in Jesus (see photos below).

The drive from Galeana to Membres though on a dirt mountain road was not as rough as the other roads we were on this week. The great Christian couple Chuy and Petra Flores greeted us with a big smile and treated us to a good meal and a good time of fellowship. We gave gifts to three boys who are close to Flores.

In the gift bags are a Christian tract, candy, toys, balloons, combs and other items generously donated. Two of the boys are brothers and we also gave them a soccer ball to share among their friends. They were all very grateful.

When we got back to Galeana we prepared Peosoli for dinner. It is a special stew cooked with beef, pork and hominy. There was onion, peppers, and other items each could garnish to their own taste. It was great.

About 8:30 John, Kim, Tonyia, Stephen, Jesse, Chuy, Karen and little Jamie went to Pastor Hernandez’s church in Galeana. It was such a pleasure to see the building full. A big number of young families with children were there.

The Hernandez’s have especially good musical capability. We all sang and praised “Cristo” in a spirited service. Jesse, John, Kim, Stephen and Tonyia even joined in by singing Amazing Grace for the congregation. Tonyia added her special touch by also using sign language as we sang together.

Us older folks came on home before mid-night. Chuy reported to Jesse that the service went on to include a pause for Tamales before resuming. The church was filled with the Holy Spirit as they praised God into the new year. Feliz 2016!

Membres Brothers

Two brother in Membres share their gifts – they were grateful to receive.



Mountain Scene

The road to Membres has many great views of the mountains.