Wednesday, 12/30/2015

What a wonderful day of ministry in the name of Christ as we traveled deep in the mountains of Mexico! John, Kim, Stephen, Tonyia, Jesse, Chuy, Karen, little Jamie and Danella (Karen’s younger sister) drove in two vehicles up to Refugio, Nueva Leon, Mexico.

mountain view

It took about three hours of mountain driving and the last four miles alone took over 45 minutes. Some of the road was in a creek bed, there were steep grades, sharp drop-offs the last section took us through a goat pin and through solid rock just wide enough for the vehicle. When we reached the end of the road we then had to walk and climb a steep mountain trail to reach Pastor Santiago’s house. But wow what a view.

Pastor Santiago, now 75 years old, and his wife Edalia were over joyed to see us all. No outside Christian had been up to see them in over a year. Their tiny village does have a one room school, church building and perhaps thirty five homes.

goatpeopleThese are rugged mountain people who live off the land with goat herds, small corn patches and tiny garden plots. There is a flowing stream and a waterfall nearby.

Edalia prepared a great meal for us over her wood fired stove. In the process she schooled Kim in making tortillas. Pastor Santiago and Jesse have known each other for over 20 years. He sharred the news with him. One of his brother died during the year after accepting Jesus at the last minute. But the Lord had blessed them too, they were both reasonably healthy and their faith as stronger than ever.

After the meal and a visit they rounded up the children and we all went to the small wooden church building for a service and to give the gifts. Everyone in the village knew we were there. The people are were very welcoming. The children were excited to see us – some even tried their English.

ServicesThe service was spirit filled. There were hymns, Bible readings, testimonies and preaching. Jesse and Chuy delivered a short message. At the end of Chuy’s he asked the kids if they had asked Jesus into their hearts. He then lead them in a special prayer.

At the end we handed out the gifts. The kid’s were very excited and so grateful. Few have ever traveled outside the village and generous gifts like these are extremely rare. Each gift included a Christian tract, candy, several toys, balls, some personal items such as tooth brushes, combs, etc.

It is a bit over used but its true – we went to bless them and they blessed us. Some tears were shed as we left these wonderful people to head back down the mountain road. Praise the Lord!