I wanted to share a bit from what happened in Mexico Sunday, January 17th during worship in a home in the mountains. It involves a special 80 year-old lady.
       Jesse, Chuy, Karen, Tonyia and I took Joventina, a widowed lady and her daughter to see her relatives deep in the mountains. We posted a story about it, but we did not share a lot of details about this special lady.
      These are poor folks who live off the land. They are in hand made log or rock houses, no cars, TV’s or other possessions we consider necessary. They are simple people who live each moment by faith.
       After they fed us we all went into a time of worship that lasted about two hours. There were perhaps twelve of us. We sang hymns, read from the Bible, we all participated in worship in our own way, Jesse and Chuy preached a bit. We then went into a time of intense prayer. It was a loud time as several poured out their hearts to God verbally. Several of us laid hands on them and prayed as lead by the spirit. Jesse anointed each with oil. Some were on their knees others standing.
IMGP0908 (1024x685)       The oldest person in the room, Granny Julia, was a lady in her 80’s and during her life she had been mother of eleven children. Her face was weathered and she was a bit bent over and had few teeth left. But she had a very intense spirit – like one who walked with the Lord closely for many years. During this prayer time she became overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit. We had to catch her and gently set her in a chair.
       She was fine, actually beyond fine she was swept up in the arms of our loving God. When we were leaving she pleaded with us, “when can you come back to worship with us again?”
       I was struck by how awesome it was that this women so far up in years was still so hungry for the things of the Spirit and completely content with life by faith. She asked for nothing except more of Jesus. WOW- these folks have something to teach us.
God bless,