Universal Language in Palmito

Today our vehicles ascended into the mountains towards Palmito.  True Path Ministry and Iglesia Getsemani were received warmly. We came bearing a message, games, and gifts.  After worship, the children enjoyed a special devotional, while the adults listened to Galeana local and Evangelist Ramiro.

When we first reached Palmito, the adults began making new friends and catching up with old ones.  Meanwhile, the local children and the Texans started a game of catch, illustrating that play is the universal language.

Inside the town’s Christian church building, we united in our love for Christ.  The language barrier did not stop us from worshiping together. We sang in English and Spanish, accompanied by passionate prayer.

After a time of praise hymns, Ramiro preached to the adults while Jose and Maria engaged the children with musical talents and a devotional.  

After the church service was completed, we enjoyed each other’s company for a little longer.  Before parting ways, we gave gifts to the families and the children of Palmito. Boxes that we had packed ourselves were given to the youth.  Immediately they began playing with their simple new toys. Meanwhile, their parents browsed through the shoes and clothing we had brought them, selecting what they wanted for themselves and their children.  Blankets were also given to the families, a precious item in a cold world without much heating.  

During our arriving journey, a thick fog had obscured our view.  The new members of our group, including myself, had no concept of what surrounded us.  During our time with our brothers and sisters, the skies cleared and the shroud was lifted.  When we returned to Galeana, we gazed down in amazement at steep ledges, veins of marble, and almost endless vistas.  Our time in Palmito was wonderful, and I hope to soon return.

Guest written by Zachary.  New years eve, 2019