Sharing Jesus’ Love through School Supplies

Thanks to a generous donor from Texas, True Path Ministry was able to give five kids, from three different homes, much needed school supplies. All five of the children live in very difficult situations and were extremely grateful to get the backpacks filled with pencils, sharpeners, rulers, erasers, notebook paper, map colors and scissors. Edith and son Kevin went with us to the store to pick out the needed supplies.

Edith works with the school system here in Galeana, NL, Mexico, she is a committed Christian and she has a deep love of children. She works as a volunteer with TPM to drive the van each week for kids club and travels with us on many Saturdays taking the gospel to remote villages.

Tonyia and I (Stephen) are so humbled and honored to be conduits to share Christ’s love with others. The simple act of giving backpacks filled with school supplies to these kids show them what the love of the Lord looks like. Two of the five are regulars at our Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meetings and we invited the other three to come too. Our prayer is that each one will realize how much God loves them and wants the best for their lives.

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