Praising the Lord with the Palmito Church

Twenty Christians from Galeana, NL, loaded in the True Path Ministry Suburban and the Williams’ Ford Edge to make the trip to the mountain village of Palmito, named for the short Palm trees that grow in the area. Eighty five year old

Lulu and Pastor Ruben sang a beautiful song during the service (click on a photo to see it larger).

Pastor Ruben has been working hard to get the Christian Church reestablished. His work is paying off as the tiny church building was overflowing with worshipers eager for a word from the Lord.

True Path Ministry (TPM) was in the village during the Christmas season (see Village of the Tiny Palm… Palmito) and it was good to be back to see the church thriving. Stephen’s brother, Arlen, was also with the Galeana group and was impressed by the experience. It is his first mission trip and first time into the interior of Mexico. He has been a big help with some TPM projects including preparations for the Palmito ministry.

Pastor Reynaldo, Lulu, Evangelist Ramiro, Mari, Ana and several others were also involved in making the day extra special for the church and Pastor Ruben. Lulu and Mari lead the wonderful song service. Ana had the kid’s outside for a time of song, teaching and art while the adults were inside listening to Evangelist Ramiro’s spirited sermon.

After the service we spread out four containers of clothes, children’s back packs and hats. We also offered some bars of soap that had been donated, gave Bibles to those who requested one and a small gift bag to all the children. The congregation thanked us and began walking home with their arms full of gift items and hearts bursting with the love of Christ.

The Galeana group gathered in Pastor Ruben’s house to eat food they brought. One of the items was cooked blooms from the Joshua Trees that have flowered. It was Arlen and Stephen’s first experience eating them. It was a nice end to a fulfilling day of ministry.

Pastor Rey was also part of the worship time.

Evangelist Ramiro gave an excellent Bible-based sermon.

Many people brought Bibles and followed along as the sermon unfolded.

It was a spirit-filled time of worship.

Ana taught the children about being a good seed.

The art project was popular with the children.

Each of the kids got a small gift bag with candy, a ballon and a ball.

The boxes of clothes we brought went fast.

We also gave out Bibles to those who asked for one.

The Church building was not used for several years and it needs some repairs.

A pile of sand is all these kids needed for fun.




The blue pan contains cooked blooms from the Joshua Tree.

A town we went through was having a big Fiesta.

It is Arlen’s (in red shirt) first missionary trip to Mexico.

Every available spot had a rider or material in it.