I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

Saturday, June 10, 2023: Fifty people packed into vehicles and headed to a crystal-clear pool of water deep in the remote mountains of Nuevo Leon Mexico. It took the group of Christians about two hours to navigate up and down the steep, mostly gravel, road to cover the 25 miles where fourteen people from the Iglesia Getsemani Church would be baptized.

It is an important event in the life of the church. Baptism is not salvation but is an outward expression of our obedience to Jesus once we are saved. As Christ-followers, being baptized shows others that we are willing to obey His command, to publicly profess faith in Christ and to formally commit our lives to Him.

 The congregation sat on large rocks beside the undisturbed pool of water. There was a time of prayer, and everyone joined in singing several deeply moving spiritual hymns to the sound of two acoustic guitars. There was a brief sermon reminding us of the importance of the event. Fourteen from among the group put on white robes and formed a line beside the waters. Pastor Rey, evangelist Raul, missionaries Stephen and Tonyia and Juan got in the water.

Each of the persons in white robes were led into the water and were completely immersed after Pastor Rey said their name and “I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,” just as we are instructed to do in the Bible in Matthew 28:19. All the while the congregation, led by Pastor Lulu, sang the Spanish version of “I have decided to follow Jesus.”

It was a very special spiritual moment for everyone with many tear-soaked eyes. Those baptized ranged in age from teenagers to some well up into their adult years.

Each person baptized will receive a certificate to commemorate this unforgettable day. Once again God has blessed us to be a part of what He is doing in Galeana, NL, Mx.

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