Church Update: Porch & Kid’s Rooms

The new church construction project in Galeana, NL, Mexico recently reached a milestone with the completion of a concrete front porch area that also serves as the roof of the children’s area. Two rooms for the niños (children) are located underneath the entrance that is in the front of the building.

True Path Ministry Inc. and Iglesia (church) Getsemani in Galeana, Nuevo Leon, often work as a team to serve the Lord in Mexico. Together we are in the process of constructing a new church building. It is located above the town on the side of a mountain that is viable all over. Reynaldo and wife Lourdes are the pastors.

The congregation has already begun to worship in the new building (see Getsemani Church: Built on Jesus the Rock). It moved from a small rented storefront where the overflow crowd sometimes spilled into the side walk. The new structure has ample room for growth and we continue to see new families drawn to Christ through our ministries.

There is still a long ways to go before it will be finished including:
installing the large front door; a ramp and permanent steps added at the entrance; railing installed on the porch; sheet metal roof finished; windows and doors installed in the new kid rooms; the entire structure has to be stuccoed; all of it needs paint; tile on the floors; better parking added; entrance roadway improved and other details. There is a lot to do for a small church in Mexico but, we know the Lord will make a way!

Iglesia Getsemani has had numerous fund raisers, food sales, garage like sales and congregation offerings. And many members have volunteered to help with construction. Galeana is in a beautiful mountainous area, but is economically poor. Historically low-paying service and agriculture related businesses are the primary sources of income for people here. The Christians in area are strong in their faith and in the hope only our Lord Jesus gives. It is an honor to share the gospel here.

True Path Ministry Inc. has had the privilege of helping in the Lord’s work in the Galeana area with the help and support of several churches and individuals in Texas. That support includes prayers, financial gifts and visitor’s time. Thank you for investing in God’s work here through us. It is humbling to be used by the Lord for His kingdom!

If you are moved to invest financially visit our support page.

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Everyone prays for Pastors Rey and Lulu