A Perfect Amount of Gifts for Los Adobes

Texas visitors with True Path Ministry and volunteers from Iglesia Getsemani made our way to Los Adobes, a small desert village a couple of miles off a main highway, on January 3rd. We knew there would be a lot of kids show up so we put in a few extra gifts in the van. As it turns we had exactly the right number of boxes, thank you Jesus!

So many people showed up, both adults and children, we had to hold the service outdoors. It was a cool but sunny day. Pastor Reynaldo introduced us and started the service with prayer. Lulu and Jose lead us in some great songs and Evangelist Ramiro preached a powerful message.

During the adult service the kids were lead to an area by a shed and began to have fun with songs, a short lesson, a craft project and finally we began to hand out gifts. We did not know if there would be enough, we had not seen this many kids at any of our other services. As we handed a box to the last kid in line we sighed in relief there was just enough, 120.

We also had shoes, clothes and blankets for the adults. Shoes are especially needed in this village and we were able to match several folks with some new footwear. We also left some Bibles with Pastor Norma. She and her church come to the village from another town each week.

It was the last service for the Texas group before they had to return to the border. They were worn out from the day after day grind of ministry, but filled with a new deep gratitude for Jesus love we shared.

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