New Church Building Started in Hidiondilla, NL, Mexico

True Path Ministry Inc. is helping a church start construction on a new building in Hidiondilla, NL, Mexico. The congregation currently meets in a makeshift flimsy structure assembled with scrap materials and a dirt floor. Pastor Carlos and wife Jenny are the young couple who are the founders of the small church in the rural desert village. They are on fire for the Lord and eager to extend the love of Christ to everyone in the area.

The plan is to construct a new about 1,800 square foot building on the existing lot the congregation owns. The walls will be concrete block with a sheet metal roof. TPM gave the go ahead with initial funding for the project just after the New Year. A big load of concrete blocks and other building supplies have now been delivered and construction has begun. The bulk of the work will be done by members of the church and other volunteers.

TPM and the Iglesia Getsemani Church from Galeana were humbled and honored to be part of the dedication of the Centro Cristiano Maranatha Church back in July (see A New Church in Hidiondilla, NL, Mexico.). It was a tremendously uplifting experience to witness the group of Christians gathered and committing to sharing the love of Christ with their area. “I have been in magnificent cathedrals, but of all the worship places I have experienced none was better than the one where we visited today,” said Jim Jones who was visiting from Texas. We returned to the church on December 18th to give them Christmas gifts (see Joy in Hidiondilla).

The pastor and members are grateful to the Lord for answering their prayers. TPM is proud to be a part of this upstart church. Your continued prayers and financial gifts will keep this project moving. Thank you for your support.

Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. (Romans 12:11 NIV)

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Cooking in Canoas

The pastor’s family always feed us when we visit Canoas. And on our visit to deliver Christmas gifts on December 30th they once again welcomed us to their table. We especially enjoy the corn tortillas they serve us. “My wife got up at 5 AM to hand grind the corn we raised for the dough,” responded the pastor when asked how they made such quality flat bread. She cooks over a wood stove, we have found is common among people living in the mountains of Mexico.

However, her cooking surface has a deluxe feature, wood storage is directly under the fire box. It is also common the way they house their kitchen-dining area in a separate building. It provides a welcomed warm refuge from the cold days in the high-altitude region. Their corn is raised locally in thin, rocky soil tilled by donkeys. Water comes from a spring-fed creek nearby. The table and chairs are hand-made from timber cut in the area.

They live a simple life off the land, fueled by faith that God will provide. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

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TPM Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter

Find below the True Path Ministry, Inc. Fall/Winter 2021 Newsletter. It is a PDF file suitable for printing (please share it with others). This newsletter includes our Christmas gift giving adventures, a recap of other projects and a look at what is ahead for 2022. We are so grateful for our faithful God and your support. Your prayers, visits and financial support keeps us going.