Gospel, Gifts and Fellowship in Refugio

A group traveling with True Path Ministry on December 31st took the gospel, gifts and the joy of Christian fellowship to Refugio, NL, Mexico, an extremely remote mountain village. Normally it is a rough couple of hours to drive clinging to the edge of mountains on challenging dirt roads. But on this day we encountered snow making this trip even more of an adventure.

We held our service at Pastor Selodonio’s home church awning near Refugio. He faithfully serves as pastor to four remote churches in small villages scattered throughout the mountains. He and his wife and family are committed to a life of service to Christ. A group from his churches traveled in to worship with us, see the kid’s get gifts and to enjoy the first outsiders to be there in a long time. It was a joy filled day praising the Lord!

For this day is holy to our Lord. And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10 (ESV)

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Gratitude in Palmito

True Path Ministry Inc. (TPM) took the gospel on the road to Palmito, NL, Mexico to bless the tiny mountain village with the love of Christ. Evangelist Ramiro preached the Word with zeal, gifts were given and these humble people were so very thankful for their first worship service in almost a year. The joy of the Lord filled the air! One lady shared her heartfelt gratitude for our visit lifted her spirits tremendously. It was a blessed day for all of us!!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalms 136:1 (ESV)

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2020 Mexico Christmas Gift Giving Adventure Begins

True Path Ministry missionaries Stephen and Tonyia Williams have begun the 2020 Mexico Christmas Gift Giving Adventure. Sunday, December 27th was a day to worship with Christian brothers and sisters at the Getsemani Church. It was a powerful time to lift praises to our Lord, there was also a baby dedication, Bible presentation and meal after the service.

On Saturday we enjoyed an uneventful drive across the border near McAllen and five hours to Galeana, NL, Mexico. We delivered some gifts including some curtains for the church. It was such a joy to get back with old friends to do the Lord’s work. It will be a busy week of sharing the love of Jesus with remote villages.

Prayers Needed as TPM Seeks the Lord’s Guidance

True Path Ministry (TPM) is grateful for your prayers and financial support. As you know the bulk of our service to the Lord is in Northern Mexico. It has been a very difficult time there. In the midst of this worldwide crisis TPM has been able to achieve milestones in ministry related building projects and by providing emergency relief for families in need. However, we need your prayers for the Lord’s guidance as we enter the Christmas season.

COVID-19 has impacted the Galeana area in a big way. There are over 300 documented cases of the illness and likely numerous more undocumented carriers in the area. There are strict limits to what activities the government will allow: crowd size, travel restrictions, mask requirements and all manner of social interaction is curtailed. They even have a local special group to enforce the requirements. We are saddened by the fact we will not be able to gather packages in the US and take them across to the children as we have in the past. We are contemplating how best to honor Christ’s birth among the kids in Mexico this season.

During normal times we have encountered difficulties getting a trailer load of gifts from the US into Mexico. This is not normal times and bringing a bulk of stuff from the US is not feasible. Our prayer is to go during this Christmas season and provide some level of gifts to children there. We will have to purchase presents there and get creative in how to distribute them.

While how to serve the Lord during the Christmas season is a developing story, we are honored at the achievements the Lord has allowed during the year in several areas.

TPM and the Iglesia Getsemani church in Galeana, NL, work as close partners for the Lord in the area. Pastors Reynaldo and Lourdes (Lulu) have done a tremendous job moving forward with God’s work when missionaries Stephen and Tonyia could not be there. In addition to being pastors to a growing congregation they have helped TPM in three key areas:

  1. Church construction project. The Iglesia Getsemani church building is almost complete. Recently a new ladies restroom was added, tile for the stage, tile for the congregation area and window curtains are in progress. New projects at other churches are planned for 2021.
  2. Parsonage/TPM lodging construction project. We are in the final stagesof completing the parsonage for Pastors Rey, Lulu and family. We will soon begin a two bedroom second floor addition to the structure that will serve as a place for visitors in 2021.
  3. Family emergency relief. We helped with funeral expenses for several families, provided ongoing funds for bills and food for some folks. In addition TPM provided a metal roof for a recently widowed pastor’s wife.

TPM is here to serve the Lord and we can only do this with your help! Your ongoing prays and financial support is essential to our ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness. Dios bendiga (God bless).

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23 (ESV)

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