TPM Three Project Needs

Please pray  with us about three ministry needs:  1) adding a 15 passenger van;  2) repairing our Ford Edge; 3) completing the  Getsemani Church in Galeana. Currently True Path Ministry has a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban with a ton of miles on it and a 2010 Ford Edge with 270,000+ miles on it. Church construction continues, but much more is needed to have it completed.

1) People and supply carrier needed. In Mexico, the suburban is used to carry many children to our weekly club meetings. We also use it to get people to church on Sunday, to travel to remote villages and to take groups, like the youth, to special events.

The Suburban has been a great blessing. We have had as many as 20 + people in it, but it is beginning to have problems. It is difficult to get people in and out and it uses a lot of gas. Gas is the equal of $4.00 a gallon.

2) Repair or Replace Edge? Our Ford Edge has required some expensive repairs recently and we are concerned about the condition of its transmission. We use the Ford Edge to travel between the US and Mexico and often pull a trailer full of items for Mexico. The roads in Mexico, especially going to the remote villages, are very rough and has taken a toll on our Edge.

3) Finish Galeana Church Building. We continue to move forward with the building of Getsemani Church in Galeana. Several things still need to be completed; windows and doors among others.

Please pray with us about these needs. If the Lord leads you in any of these areas to give, you can mail a check or give online.

True Path Ministry Inc.

True Path Ministry Inc.
1420 Moseley Road
Ennis, Texas 75119

Or go to our website and on the “support” page select the donate button. which uses Paypal.

TPM Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter

Follow the link to our True Path Ministry Inc. web page and select the download button at the bottom to see the Winter 2018-2019 Newsletter. It is full of photographs from our activities. The Lord has blessed us in many ways and we praise Him. Also, thank you for your prayers and financial contributions.

Divine Appointment in Los Adobes

Today, January 12th, True Path Ministry (TPM) took advantage of an opportunity to take Christmas gifts to one more Mexican village, Los Adobes. The Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child had some gifts for Mexico that had not been committed to a location and they needed help getting them delivered.

A friend of Pastor Reynaldo, Pastor Ricardo Garcia, contacted us about Los Adobe, an economically poor village that did not receive any Christmas gifts. Pastor Ricardo, wife Norma and their congregation are helping a tiny mission church get established. Pastor Ricardo, asked if we could help him get some gifts to the kid’s. We didn’t know it at the time, but God already had the appointment on his calendar.

One of our greatest privileges is giving Bibles to people who make a first time profession of faith.

We loaded the TPM Suburban and Ford Edge with the gifts, clothes, reading glasses, Bibles and a team to take the Gospel of Christ to a village none of us knew. We later heard it was the first time missionaries had ever visited.

There was an overflow crowd in the small adobe church building including kids of every age. A special time was planned just for the children while the adults were in their service.

A child standing beside Tonyia looked up at her and asked in Spanish “do you have any clothes for me?” His shoes had holes and his shirt was badly stained.

After the service, we emptied sacks of clothing, including kid’s clothes. We also handed out the gifts to excited kids with huge smiles. Our reading glasses were popular too. But one of our greatest privileges is giving Bibles to people who make a first time profession of faith. We gave one to a lady today who made a first time profession of faith. Many of the church members did not have Bibles so we were able to give them one. Thank you Jesus!

I (Stephen) can not express how honored and humbled I am to play a small part in God’s plan to bring people closer to Him.

God’s Family Pennant

Forty three children at the Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club last night learned how God divided His people into twelve tribes (Exodus 28:21). Each tribe had a
“signet” and name. The kids made their own “family pennant” representing their place in God’s family. There was also a time of song, prayer and Bible teaching. Plus, we served them hot chocolate and Mexican sweet bread, a welcomed treat on a cold night.

Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my treasured possession among all peoples…

Exodus 19:5 (ESV)

True Path Ministry (TPM) and the Iglesia Getsemani (Church) are into our third year of hosting the Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club at the TPM ministry house in Galeana, NL, Mexico. It is a blessing to watch the children grow in their knowledge and understanding of God, and how to apply that knowledge to their lives.

We are so blessed to have you supporters who pray for us and contribute in many other ways to our calling from God to serve Christ here in Mexico. Thank you.

Giving to People of Mexico

Thank you cannot even begin to express our gratitude! You all: Christ Chapel, Damascus Road Fellowship, Grace Tabernacle, Hi Way Tabernacle, Lighthouse Assembly of God, United Methodist Church Medina and several individuals are a part of our mission and we would not be able to do God’s work without your love, donations, support and prayers!

The gifts you donated were the only gift most of these kids received for Christmas.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into getting the gifts from the churches, getting the gifts across the border and then getting them to the ranches. One issue is the cost to get the boxes across the border, but thankful that cost was taken care of by generous donors!


Made trips to Dollar Store as some gave money for us to buy boxes and fill them. We also went to stores in Galeana to buy bags of candy and food for blessing bags.

We added a Christian tract, which explains how to be saved, for every gift box. We put candy in individual bags to hand out to each child. We packaged, transported and delivered bags of clothes and blankets using the True Path Ministry suburban. We placed the correct number of boxes needed to go to each ranch in heavy black containers with lids that we also placed on top of the suburban. 

We traveled to the ranches with the ministry suburban and Ford Edge full of people, blessing bags for pastors, tarps to put donated clothes on, tarps for kids to sit on for Bible time, clothes, Bibles, glasses, small table to give out glasses, and individual bags of candy for each child.

We usually left each morning 8 to 8:30 AM and went to the gas station to fill up the suburban and the Edge. One of the ministry’s biggest expense is gasoline, here it costs about $4.00 USD per gallon (20 pesos per liter).

The gifts you donated were the only gift most of these kids received for Christmas. The joy on their faces was priceless! It truly warmed our hearts!! People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7. Thank you for your hearts for Jesus!!

As you see, we could not do this without your support! God is moving in power in Mexico. If you wish to donate you may mail a check to:
True Path Ministry Inc., 1420 Moseley Road, Ennis, Texas 75119
or go to our “support” web page at:
and select the donate button.

We especially ask that you continue to pray for us and the people of Mexico, as we work for Jesus! Thank you and may the favor of the Lord rest on you!

True Path Ministry Inc.

P.S: Below are photos from behind the scenes and links to the articles we wrote during our gift giving adventures: