February Newsletter

Here is a link to the True Path Ministry Newsletter for February. It is in PDF format. newsltrfeb2016

Headlines in the newsletter:

  • Additional Credentials in Mexico 
  • Tonyia Does Wound Care for Martin
  • Prayers with Galeana Area Pastor Association
  • Wiring at Hernandez’s Church
  • Progress on Ministry House





Unusual Snow in Mexico

potosisnowI was on the roof of the two story ministry house working on the water supply system and when I gazed northwest toward mount Potosi I was amazed to see snow – lots of snow. Even though Potosi towers above Galeana at 12,205 feet, it is unusual to see snow on it especially in March. I enjoy waking up and stepping outside to see conditions on the mountains that surround Galeana. I so enjoy God’s creation and these mountains some how brings me closer to my creator.

Plus, there are some interesting people here. I was working on clearing a lot next to the ministry house so we can use it for kid activities. A man and his two nephews was walking by and saw me working. They all pitched in and started pulling weeds.

Things are going well for us here in Mexico. We generally attend several services a week and have other plumbingopportunities to minister to folks in the name of Jesus. The ministry house is shaping up and will be a real asset to Christians here. Please keep us in your prayers.

Stephen & Tonyia Williams
Missionaries for Jesus in Mexico